Enuves Features: System + Church Application



  • Basic information about the church, with logo;
  • Notice board highlighted on the home screen;
  • Notification when a new item is posted on the wall;
  • Complete schedule of events;
  • Studies organized by categories (Ex: Groups, Children, Adults);
  • Notification when a new study is published;
  • Birthdays of the month;
  • Notification of birthdays of the day;
  • Video and photo albums;
  • Download files;
  • Member profile: They will be able to view and edit yourself data, in addition to having access to yourself financial contributions;


  • Registration of people: Register the people of your church or send a link for them to fill the form easily;
  • Permissions: Grant specific permissions to people in the church who need to manage certain system modules;
  • Additional fields: Create new fields to customize your church's registration form;
  • Categories: Organize people in your church into specific categories;
  • Positions: Create the positions of your church and link people to their functions;
  • Personal card: Have several 100% personalized membership card templates;
  • Birthdays: See all your church's birthdays organized by month;
  • Prayer requests: Manage prayer requests directed to your church (Coming soon);
  • Reports: Several reports of people using different filters (Ex: Age group, Marital status, Roles, etc.);


  • Registration of groups: Manage the groups of the church registering detailed information such as Name, Photo, Leaders (up to 4), Address, Location, among others;
  • Reports / Frequencies: The leaders are allowed to send a detailed frequency report checking the people who participated in the meeting, selfie, date, visitors, subject, notes, among others;
  • Categories: Groups can be organized by categories;
  • Reports: Obtain several group reports from your church (Ex: Absent people, People without groups, Inactive groups, etc.);


  • Studies: Add complete studies of the church, with attached file (Ex: PDF) and highlighted image, and organize them into categories (Ex: Groups, Children, Adults);
  • Schools: Create schools and define people as managers to manage all classes included in it;
  • Classes: Create classes and include in previously registered schools; Add teachers and students; Teachers will have access to manage their classes and add frequencies;
  • Personal monitoring: Create personal monitoring groups and define the people who will be the leaders and those who will be monitored; Manage the meetings and follow the progress until its conclusion;


  • Summary: Get an overview of the financial health of the church through detailed graphs on income and expenses, accounts payable / receivable, account balances, among others;
  • Transactions: Manage the church's income and expenses by entering detailed information and linking it to someone or church supplier;
  • Reports: Various analytical reports to track the performance and future forecasts of the church's financial health;
  • Categories: Manage the categories of transactions (for income and expenses);
  • Accounts: Manage bank / cash accounts;
  • Contacts: Register suppliers who are not people of the church;
  • Cost centers: Manage cost centers to link to transactions;


  • Items: Manage your church's items / goods by registering them with the necessary data; Add notes to the item's history whenever necessary;
  • Categories: Organize goods by categories;
  • Locations: Organize goods through the physical locations of your church (Ex: Reception, Kitchen, Secretariat, etc.);


  • Calendar: Register your church's schedules and events and keep members informed; We will send you a notification to remind you in advance;
  • Notice board: Create notices and post on the notice board so that members are informed; We will send you a notification as soon as you publish;
  • My notes: Have a notebook to make your private notes. Don't worry, only you will have access to your notes;


  • Photos: Create albums and publish your church's photos for members to access via the app or website;
  • Videos: Create albums and publish your church's videos for members to access via the app or website;
  • Documents: Have access to dozens of document templates ready for you to copy, edit and print (Ex: Baptism certificate, Letter of recommendation, etc.);
  • Files: Make files available for download;


  • Congregations: Register several churches and manage through a single login with ease;
  • Public link: Provide a public link for members to fill out the registration form, saving their time and work;
  • Change words: You can change some standard words of the system to suit the reality of your church (Ex: Person -> Member, Group -> Cell, Study -> Lesson, etc.)
  • Application: Have a free App for members to stay connected with their church;


  • We have a humanized support team dedicated to helping you with any difficulties;
  • Available from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm through Chat, WhatsApp, E-mail, Phone;
  • Access dozens of video tutorials to assist you and your team in using the platform through the App or Site.